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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protection is a must for individuals who own a vehicle. Auto insurance helps protect car owners from the financial responsibility of paying for property damage and/or medical expenses for personal injuries due to causing an accident. According to law, vehicle owners are required to have at least liability insurance coverage which covers the cost of property damage and injuries to others in an accident a driver is responsible for. Additional coverage is available, however, for consumers who desire greater protection for themselves and their families.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

In addition to liability coverage, consumers can opt for other types of auto insurance coverage to help protect their interests. Such coverage may include:

  • Medical payments – covers medical costs and funeral expenses of a driver, his or her passengers and third parties involved in an accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist – covers cost of medical expenses for individuals involved in an accident caused by a motorist with insufficient insurance to cover these expenses
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage – covers vehicle repair costs for individuals hit by uninsured motorists
  • Comprehensive – covers cost of vehicle repairs due to damage sustained by falling objects, explosion, fire, vandalism, theft or other non-collision cause
  • Collision – covers cost of vehicle repairs due to an auto accident. Many car lenders require that drivers carry collision and/or comprehensive coverage to protect their loan investment.

Calculating Insurance Costs

Auto insurance coverage is not "one size fits all." When purchasing an auto insurance policy, consumers should take into account the value of their vehicle, their financial assets and responsibilities as well as personal driving record and risks in order to explore the coverages available for their personal situation.

At Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., we can help you personalize your auto insurance coverage. By visiting our office or communicating with us online, we'll help you find options that may be available to help protect you and your family.