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Louisiana health insurance coverage

Group Health Insurance

There are a wide range of healthcare insurance options that consumers can take advantage of to stay on top of their healthcare costs. Before selecting healthcare insurance, you should take the following steps to help you with the process.

Explore Options

Healthcare insurance options vary to suit people's individual needs. If you are currently employed, you may qualify for group healthcare coverage with your place of employment. Under a group healthcare plan, insurance costs will be divided between you and your employer, with the company picking up a large majority of the bill. By checking out what healthcare plans your employer has to offer, you can see if group coverage fits your needs.

Those who are self-employed may do better with a small group insurance plan, as this could be a practical and affordable means of obtaining health insurance for your small business. Consumers can also review individual healthcare insurance plans offered by the Health Insurance Marketplace to get an idea of their coverage and costs. The better informed you become about healthcare insurance options, the better healthcare decisions you can make.

Evaluate Benefits

Comparison shopping various health insurance plans and evaluating their benefits, can help you decide which plan you may want. Consider such factors as maternity, well baby and child care, preventative care, mental health services, dental and vision services along with a plan's monthly cost, deductible and out of pocket expenses. It's important to match a plan's benefits to your personal healthcare needs. Although cost is important, the cheapest option may not be the best for you. The goal is to obtain healthcare services at affordable costs.

At Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., we recognize the importance of finding the right healthcare insurance coverage to meet your needs. Call or visit one of our agents today for expert counsel and guidance in selecting the most appropriate plan for you and your family.