How to Recognize Water Damage Before You Buy

Those who live in the Baton Rouge, LA area, and around the state, are used to wet weather. The average yearly rainfall of 62 inches fills lakes and streams while keeping the surrounding landscape lush and green. Although, that excess moisture can also seep through the cracks in the walls and foundation of a home, causing damage to the structure.

Are you in the market for a new home? The experts at Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. want to be certain that your new home is healthy, clean, and problem-free. Make sure the building you buy is free of expensive water damage before submitting an offer with these tips.


  • Check the walls and ceiling for brownish-colored stains.
  • Look around the edges of walls, doors, and window sills for peeling, cracked, or stained paint.
  • Look for cracks, creases, and bulges in the drywall.

Touch any areas that concern you. If it feels spongy or soft, it could mean water damage.


  • Check the entire floor for buckling, shifting, and uneven spots.
  • Pay special attention to the basement floor, as this is the usually the first place water damage shows.
  • Peek under rugs and in corners where the floor meets the wall.

Look closely at any inconsistent spots, as this could be a sign that previous owners tried to repair damaged flooring.


  • In the kitchen, inspect under and around the sink for signs of loosening or warping sealant.
  • In the bathroom, look around tubs, showers, sinks, and fixtures for was water seepage.
  • Use a flashlight to check pipes for rust or corrosion.

Most water damage is caused by plumbing malfunctions. Thoroughly inspect areas where water comes in or goes out.

Other Considerations

  • Mold has a distinct smell. Get close to areas that show signs of water damage, and use your nose to help you decide.
  • Survey the outside of the property too. Missing roof tiles, leaky gutters, and puddles in the yard could point to poor drainage issues.

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