Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

One of the most important personal responsibilities that people have is making sure that they are properly insured. While most Baton Rouge, LA residents are aware that they need to have a home and auto insurance to provide insurance protection, many would also benefit from having an additional umbrella insurance policy.  

You Have a Lot of Assets

One of the main reasons why people should have an umbrella insurance policy is that they have numerous assets that need to be protected. If you are being sued and found to be liable, the other party will likely try to take as many assets from you as possible. This can include your car, home, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and even take a lien on your future income. If you are sued, your umbrella insurance policy will provide you with coverage to ensure that your personal assets are not taken. It is important to discuss your limits with an agent.

Basic Insurance is Not Enough

Most people that own cars and homes will have some form of liability insurance coverage included in their insurance policies. Unfortunately, this level of insurance is often not enough. If you are involved in an auto accident that resulted in serious damage or medical bills, the total amount of the damage could quickly exceed your liability insurance protection in your auto insurance policy. Having the additional umbrella insurance will provide the gap you need to ensure that you are protected.   

In conclusion, having an additional umbrella insurance policy can be a great option. For those that are in the Baton Rouge, LA area and are in need of additional umbrella insurance, reach out to Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. for advice and questions. Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. will be able to provide you with a consultation on your insurance needs and can start the process of providing you with a quote.