How Flood Insurance Can Save Your House and Property

Flood insurance is critical to saving a home and property if it is damaged in a flood, especially in the Baton Rouge, LA area. Some locations require it due to the area of flood zones, while others are optional. Having the added coverage can deliver a sense of peace in a time of such disasters. 

How Flood Insurance Can Help 

Flood insurance differs from homeowner’s insurance and is necessary to replace or repair damaged homes and property when flood waters rise unexpectedly. When Flash Flood Watches and Warnings are posted, the waters can cause extensive damage to the structure and stability of the home.  

It can also damage other buildings and personal property within the premises. It is essential to realize that flooding may still occur even if the residence is not in a flood zone, and having the added protection can save the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Heavy Rains and Rising Waters 

Like other areas, those living in and around Baton Rouge, LA know how quickly the Mississippi River can quickly flood certain regions. Heavy rains over an extended time can cause the river and other surrounding waterways to overflow nearby properties. 

Even though the cities have good drainage systems, heavy rains at an alarming rate can cause water to rise and bring wrath to the area. Floods from hurricanes and other strong pop-up systems can deliver several inches per hour. Being prepared is critical.  

How Insurance & Financial Services Inc. Can Help You

At Insurance & Financial Services Inc., we can tend to your flood insurance needs and answer common and unique questions. Please contact us to find out how we can help you if you live in a flood zone or wish to have the option of getting flood insurance.