How Umbrella Insurance Works to Keep Your Protected

Umbrella insurance is excellent for someone who has amassed a number of assets throughout their lifetime. The idea behind it is to have liability protection that a policyholder can use to protect themselves against financial ruin in the event of baseless allegations or a single lawsuit. But while this insurance may be more associated with the wealthy, there are reasons why someone of more limited means may still benefit from having the right umbrella policy. 

Extra Protection 

Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. works with people in Baton Rouge, LA who may be in a targeted position. So if a small business owner is sued for discrimination, they’ll need someone to be able to handle both the legal aspect of the claims as well as the potential loss of reputation. A general commercial insurance policy will certainly help, but the owner may find that they exceed the limits of that policy far faster than they realized. Umbrella insurance is there to pick up the slack where those limits drop off. So not only is it helpful to have, sometimes it can be downright necessary for the policyholder. 

Help When You Need It 

A policyholder doesn’t have to be a millionaire to want to protect their livelihood. That’s why Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. is here to help people who want to keep themselves safe from any number of threats in Baton Rouge, LA or throughout the state. If you’re interested in learning more about our policies, give us a call to find out more. We not only take the time to answer your questions about umbrella insurance, but we can also alert you to potential issues you may not have originally considered. Having this information is the perfect way to arm yourself against a loss of assets.