What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Are You Under-insured?
You may find out someday that you should have bought Umbrella Insurance coverage and now it is too late. You were found at fault for damages or injuries to another person or property. You are being sued for damages that go beyond what your specific insurance policy will pay. These out-of-pocket amounts can break you financially. A lawsuit can deplete your savings and ruin you financially. This scenario happens all too often. Do not let being under-insured unexpectedly happen to you. However, we do not want you to be over-insured. We can help you with this fine line of coverage.  

Is your current insurance coverage going to get you through a financial crisis if you are found at fault for damages and or injuries to another person or property? Speak with one of our skilled, licensed agents today about the reasons why you may need umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance adds extended liability coverage in the event you need to pay for damages that go beyond what your current insurance is likely to pay. Possible lawsuits facing you could be, such as a slip and fall accident on your property. 

An Umbrella policy is a supplement to your current insurance policy on your home, business, or vehicle. It is both convenient and comprehensive to have umbrella coverage. Your licensed agent at IFS can help you understand the different types of Umbrella coverage and if you need to have this coverage?

Our licensed and skilled insurance agents at IFS Insurance and Financial Services, Inc in Baton Rouge, LA will eagerly visit with you and make sure you are not over-insuring but, have enough insurance to meet the unexpected should it happen to you. Give us a call today or visit us at the following location.