Small Businesses and Cybercrime: How to Protect Yourself

When it comes to cybercrime in Baton Rouge, LA, most people are used to hearing about major corporations being breached. Hackers who went after Target stole credit card information, while those who went after Equifax took social security information. All of which happened in numbers that are beyond most business owners’ imaginations. However, just like individuals are experiencing identity theft on a daily basis, so too are small businesses. Find out what you need to know about it from Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Risks in Baton Rouge, LA 

No location on Earth’s safe from cybercrime, regardless of what you do and who you are. Even major corporations like Apple have a difficult time keeping their security up to speed (and there’s no one more prepared for hacks than Apple.) So when it comes to your business, you need to be aware of not just tech geniuses who penetrate your network, but also social phishers who rely on tired or stressed out employees to click on something that they shouldn’t. Having better preventative strategies can call to attention any glaring gaps in your security, but you can also go one step further for the ultimate in protection. 

Call Someone Who Knows 

Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. has seen people who have to deal with security breaches, and it’s not always a pretty picture. Having the right commercial insurance can help though. When you’re conducting business online, you need a way to both protect your customer’s sensitive information and a plan on what to do should it be stolen. Give us a call today if you’re looking for a better plan. We can help you decide which policy will best keep you from being under the thumb of a hacker who just wants to use your information for their gain.