Three things you might not be aware of regarding home insurance in Louisiana

It’s important to learn as much as you can about home insurance when you’re looking for a policy in Baton Rouge, LA. We sell home insurance policies in Louisiana at Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

The following are three things you might not be aware of regarding home insurance in Louisiana.

You can choose between actual cash value and replacement cost coverage.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is whether to purchase an actual cash value or replacement cost policy. Replacement cost policies are best because they don’t involve lower coverage amounts depending on property depreciation. However, replacement cost policies also tend to be a little more costly than actual cash value policies. 

Liability coverage should be included in a standard policy.

One type of home insurance coverage it’s important to have is liability coverage. This type of coverage pays for the costs resulting from injuries that happen on your property to other parties. 

Liability coverage is important because it protects you from potentially costly lawsuit expenses. Pay attention to the liability coverage included on home insurance policies you’re interested in buying and make sure it’s adequate. 

A standard policy won’t include flood insurance coverage.

Probably one of the most important things to know is that your insurance policy probably won’t include flood coverage. You’ll have to purchase flood coverage separately. Insurance protection against flood damages is important in Louisiana where extreme weather events such as hurricanes can happen.

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