Health Insurance FAQs

Given the soaring health care costs and the emergence of new illnesses, it would be catastrophic to live without a sound health insurance plan. But because health insurance is one of the most complicated insurance policies, Insurance & Financial Services Inc. of Baton Rouge, LA, has prepared a FAQs section to shed more light on this insurance coverage.

What is health insurance?

It’s an insurance plan that provides protection for medical and surgical costs for the insured. However, the insured should pay premiums to continue enjoying the coverage.

Is health insurance mandatory in Louisiana?

No law in Louisiana mandates residents to invest in health insurance. Similarly, employers have no obligation to purchase health insurance for employees. However, where the employer provides health insurance coverage, the law requires employers to cover certain benefits.

Why should I invest in health insurance?

A sound health insurance plan protects you and your family in many ways. It covers medical expenses whenever you get sick or injured. Without health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses are so prohibitive, and you may not get the care you need due to insufficient funds. The other benefits of health insurance include:

  • Covers preventive care: Health insurance doesn’t always come to your rescue when sick or injured. It covers preventive health services like vaccinations and annual checkups. Simply said, health insurance protects your health by preventing diseases from occurring in the first place.
  • Peace of mind: Your health is one of your most prized assets. Health insurance gives you peace of mind by knowing that what matters most to you is protected.

We certainly know there is so much you need to learn about health insurance. So, if you have more questions, please get in touch with Insurance & Financial Services Inc., serving Baton Rouge, LA and its environs.