Do I Need Renters Insurance Even if My Landlord Has Insurance?

If you live in Baton Rouge, LA, you’re probably wondering why you need renters insurance when your landlord has insurance. Every person in the neighborhood is likely to have the same questions. Insurance & Financial Services Inc. has been educating people why they need renters insurance regardless of the landlord’s homeowners insurance.

You Can Lose Your Properties

The fact that you live in a secure neighborhood does not mean that you cannot lose your property. Thieves can get away with some value from your house. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance will not cover such properties. You need to have renters insurance so that you can recover the lost items. 

You Can Be Sued for Injuries

Having people visit your rented house is a common practice. It helps you bond with your neighbors and create meaningful relationships. The problem is that people can sue you for injuries when they get injured when visiting your house. Renters insurance is one of the liability policies that can help you cover the cost of medication and possible lost income. 

Your House Can Become Uninhabitable

Structural damages, flooding, and fire can make your rented house uninhabitable. This means that you will be living in a hotel when technicians solve such problems. Living in such places can have significant financial impacts on your savings. However, with renters insurance, you will not face such problems. Your insurance company will take care of your living expenses during the period of repair. 

What Next?

As a residence of a rented house in Baton Rouge, LA, you don’t need to pay too much attention to your landlord’s insurance. Ensure you get renters insurance from a local company that will take care of the uncertainties discussed above. Call Insurance & Financial Services Inc. today for advice on the best renters’ insurance policy that will take care of your belongings and liabilities.