Does home insurance cover everything on my property – or just the house?

When you purchase a home, there is a lot to think about. It would be best if you considered the cost of utilities and taxes, upkeep, repairs… and insurance. But when you buy home insurance, what exactly does it cover? Does your policy cover the house’s structure, or can you add coverage for other elements such as personal property, outdoor structures, and more?

Insurance & Financial Services Inc. can help you find home insurance options in the Baton Rouge, LA area.

Structural Coverage 

Most homeowners insurance policies will provide coverage for the structure of the home. This includes your house itself, as well as any attached structures such as garages and sheds. Structural coverage typically protects against loss due to fire, lightning strikes, hail damage, windstorms, theft, and vandalism. 

Personal Property Coverage  

Homeowners’ insurance policies may also include coverage for personal belongings like furniture and electronics. Personal property coverage may be included as part of your overall policy or can be purchased as an add-on. Generally speaking, this type of coverage protects against damage or theft of items inside your home or garage due to things like fire or burglary. 

Outdoor Structures Coverage  

Outdoor structures such as gazebos or fences are typically not covered under standard homeowners insurance policies; however, these items can often be added for an additional fee if desired. If you have an outdoor swimming pool on your property, it will likely require specialized coverage because of the increased liability involved with owning one. Still, coverage can usually be purchased through your insurer for an additional fee if desired.

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