Four Add-ons to Consider for Your Commercial Insurance Policy

If you own a business in Baton Rouge, LA, investing in commercial insurance should be on your priority list. Commercial insurance protects your business against seen and unseen risks.

While commercial insurance is a worthy investment, you should know it doesn’t cover you against all events. Insurance & Financial Services Inc. highlights add-ons you should consider to fill in gaps in your standard commercial insurance.

Professional liability

Do you offer professional advice? You can face significant financial losses if accused of missed deadlines or negligence. Professional liability insurance cushions you when sued because of your professional services.

Flood Insurance

Most standard commercial insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. However, the good thing is that you can purchase stand-alone flood insurance to cover your business against flood damage. Flood insurance repairs or replaces your business premises and other assets when floods strike.

Earthquake insurance

Is your business located in an earthquake-prone area? You should invest in earthquake insurance because your typical commercial insurance doesn’t cover your business against earthquake damage. Earthquake insurance cushions your assets and covers debris removal and other services indicated in your policy.

General liability insurance

Although general liability insurance isn’t mandatory, all businesses should invest in this coverage. Taking your hard-earned business down the drain only takes one significant liability incident. Liability insurance protects your business when accused of bodily injury or property damage. Also, business liability insurance comes to your rescue when sued.

Protect your business with commercial insurance

Still unsure about the add-on you should consider for your commercial insurance policy? Don’t worry. We understand that you can’t know everything about commercial insurance. So, if you are in Baton Rouge, LA, or the surrounding area, please contact Insurance & Financial Services Inc. for more information.