Security Checklist for First Time Homeowners

While buying, decorating, and preparing your new Baton Rouge, LA home, don’t forget about security. Home security is an important part of protecting your family, belongings, and investment. Use this security checklist from Insurance & Financial Services Inc. to ensure your property is well-protected at all times.

  • Get a good insurance policy. Your homeowner’s insurance helps you pay for damage, loss, and physical injury on your property. Talk to the agents at Insurance & Financial Services Inc to customize a policy that fits your lifestyle.
  • Think beyond the porch light. Install lights around your property to keep creepers from sneaking up on you. The most important areas to cover include windows, doors, and unattached storage areas.
  • Make sure your home number is visible. If your house number isn’t clearly displayed, it can be tough for emergency services to find you. Remove foliage that might block the view from the street, paint your number on the side of your mailbox, or install a light over your front door to make the numbers stand out.
  • Clear outside obstructions. Tackle cracked and crumbling cement, fix faulty pavement, and clear out any tangled brush that crosses walkways. This will help avoid accidental injury to those who walk around your property.
  • Install and routinely inspect alarms. Fire and carbon monoxide monitors are important for keeping your family safe. Include a fire alarm in each bedroom to ensure everyone can hear if a problem occurs. Check the batteries and function of the alarm every 6 months.
  • Anchor large furniture pieces. Your wooden display cabinets, couches, and other heavy furniture should be securely attached to the wall to keep them from falling over accidentally. 
  • Change the locks. If your home isn’t brand new, someone else may have a set of keys to it. Get your locks changed to prevent unauthorized injury.

Need more ideas on keeping your Baton Rouge, LA home safe? Contact the experts at Insurance & Financial Services Inc. for more ideas.