Can You Be Sued for Accidents on Your Rental Property?

Renting a home in Baton Rouge, LA comes with its share of responsibilities, just like buying. Insurance protection is one of those responsibilities. If someone were to have a serious accident on your rental property, you could be sued for damages. Renters insurance protects you against liability issues and lawsuits so you don’t suffer financial loss. Here’s how a renters policy from Insurance & Financial Services Inc. can benefit you.


As a renter in Baton Rouge, LA, you’re responsible for accidental injuries that occur on your rental property. If a friend falls down your stairs and breaks his leg, you’ll be held liable for his medical costs. This could include doctor bills, hospital bills, rehab costs, and lost wages if his injury keeps him from working. Without insurance, you could wind up paying a substantial amount of money out of pocket. Renter’s liability insurance protects your assets by covering these costs.  

If the same incident causes debilitating injuries, you could be sued for damages. Renter’s personal liability insurance protects you against a lawsuit by paying your legal fees and settlement, if you lose, up to the limits of your policy.

Property Damage

Renter’s liability insurance also covers the cost of accidental damage to other people’s property. If your kids damage your friend’s new car while it’s sitting in your driveway, renters insurance will cover repair costs. If you’re sued for damages after accidentally causing a fire that destroys your landlord’s kitchen, renters insurance will cover your legal and settlement costs, up to the limits of your policy.

Renters insurance can be a lifesaver in protecting you against unexpected events in life that can cause financial ruin. To purchase your renter’s policy, contact Insurance & Financial Services Inc. today. We serve residents in Baton Rouge, LA, and surrounding communities.