Flood Insurance: How can I find out about my flood risk?

Flooding is a significant concern for Insurance & Financial Services Inc. customers living in Baton Rouge, LA. With the city near the Mississippi River and more active hurricane seasons, it is vital to be aware of your flood risk to protect yourself, your family, and your property. Learning about your flood risk is the first step toward finding an insurance solution that works for you. 

Determining Your Flood Risk 

Living in Louisiana means everyone is subject to flooding, but the risk varies. To assess your home’s level of vulnerability, check FEMA’s flood maps. When you enter your property’s address, the FEMA maps show designated zones noting potential danger from floods, regulations, and associated insurance requirements.

Is flood insurance mandatory?

Most of Baton Rouge is in moderate to high-risk zones on the FEMA maps. FEMA Flood Maps designate moderate- to low-risk flood areas. Moderate regions still have potential flooding but are at a lower risk than other zones. In moderate regions, flood insurance is highly recommended but not mandatory.

High-risk flood locations are subject to the highest chance of being flooded. Obtaining flood insurance is obligatory if you own property within such an area and your mortgage is federally backed. Sometimes the maps can be confusing, so call us if you have questions. One of our agents can walk you through the maps and help you make the best decision to protect your property. 

Understanding your flood risk is essential when protecting yourself against flooding in Baton Rouge, LA. So don’t wait; contact Insurance & Financial Services Inc today for more information about protecting yourself from floods!