Some things that aren’t covered by your homeowners policy

Louisiana is a state where natural disasters are not uncommon. Residents of Baton Rouge, LA know that they need to take a good look at the coverage that is included with their homeowner’s policy and even more importantly, what isn’t covered. Insurance & Financial Services Inc. can help guide them and offer suggestions.


Flood is something that is of particular interest to people in low lying areas. Loss due to surface water, flooding from rivers, streams or the ocean and water that backs up through sewers or drains are not covered by homeowners insurance. Broken pipes may be covered as long as it is not determined that the cause was the result of negligence. National Flood insurance is available and should be purchased in addition to homeowners insurance to protect your home and property from damage.  


Earth movement is not covered by most homeowners insurance. What you may not realize is that a sinkhole is considered earth movement and is likely not covered under whatever homeowners policy you have. Sinkhole insurance is available if you want to protect your home.

Home sharing

With the rise of home sharing businesses like AirBNB it is important that any homeowner considering this option to check with their insurance company to find out if their property will be covered under their current policy. Damage and liability can both be issues.

Nuclear disaster and war

While both of these are likely to be rare occurrences, it is important to know that you will not have coverage from your homeowner’s policy.

If you live in the Baton Rouge, LA area you can confidently call on Insurance & Financial Services Inc. to help you to find the homeowner’s insurance policy that provides you with all the coverage that you need. They will also answer your questions about some things that are not covered.