Baton Rouge, LA: Must-Have Insurance Protects Against Flood Damage

Baton Rouge, LA is a large city on the banks of the Mississippi River and only 200 or so miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It is an Antebellum city, boasting many of the accolades of the past in the Deep South, especially those before the Civil War. It is the home of Louisiana’s State Capitol, and the Magnolia Mound Plantation. 

Tourists and locals alike enjoy the history and spirit o Baton Rouge. Many come to visit the Gulf or cruise down the Mississippi River in a showboat. When it’s sunny, there’s not much to worry about. But what about when it rains?

 Is Baton Rouge on a Flood Plain?

Yes. Baton Rouge is a primary floodplain area and is quite prone to flooding. Due to the close proximity of the River to the coastland, there is a good chance that the locations close to the coastline will flood at one time or another. 

For Baton Rouge residents, it’s wise to think ahead and get flood insurance from Insurance & Financial Services Inc. Their fine staff of licensed insurers and other professionals can assess your likelihood of damage due to flood and show you how a flood insurance policy is your best means of protection.

No one knows what the future holds. Watching the weather forecast can help you know what might be coming, but only having a solid foundation of flood insurance can protect you from the loss you may experience if you are uninsured when that flood comes. 

Visit with Insurance & Financial Services Inc. today to find out how you can protect yourself from whatever the future (or the weather) may bring with flood insurance that meets your needs any time of year. Then, when Mother Nature turns angry, you’ll be ready!