3 Reasons Millennials Should Consider Renter’s Insurance

More than three-quarters of millennials living in Baton Rouge, LA rent apartments. Renting is a great and viable option if you have just graduated from college and landed your first job.  

Here are the top three reasons why you need to apply for a renter’s insurance from Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. as soon as possible.

1. Renters Insurance Protects You and Your Stuff

There is no big difference between homeowners insurance and renters insurance except the fact that a renters policy is tailored to meet the needs of a renter. Your landlord’s policy does not cover your property in any way.

The renter’s insurance covers personal possessions such as electronics and furniture, medical payments if someone other than yourself gets injured in an accident at your place, and personal liability if you are ever found to be legally responsible for property damage or injuries like the slip and fall cases. Renters insurance also covers some extra living expenses such as your residence becoming uninhabitable and having to find an alternative accommodation.

2. It Can Cover Your Roommate Too

A renter’s insurance policy can cover up to two unrelated people meaning that you can add your roommate to the same single policy. However, if you are living with more than two people in the same apartment, then the rest will have to get an additional policy.

3. It is Highly Affordable

A renter’s policy for millennials living in Baton Rouge, LA is affordable. It is much cheaper than the other insurance policies and will save you money in the long run. Adding your renter’s insurance policy to your other existing policies makes it even less expensive through bundling.

You can get more information on renters insurance by visiting our offices at Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and help you get started right away.