Health insurance terms you need to understand

Health insurance provides important protection. Without it, you may not get the preventative care you need. That can lead to more serious illness. Which at the end of the day, can be more expensive and serious than just getting the early preventive care. Choosing a plan that is affordable and provides the care you need is not easy. When you have an insurance agent you trust, it can really help. At Insurance & Financial Services Inc. in Baton Rouge, LA, we understand health insurance, and we are here to help. 


Most insurance carriers have a network of healthcare providers who have agreed to treat their customers at agreed-upon rates. Making sure your preferred providers are in the network is important if you want to continue to use them. With many plans, you must see providers who are in-network or services will not be covered. 


This is a very important figure; it is the amount you will have to pay yourself before any services are covered. If it is high, you may end up paying for all your services out of pocket. High deductible policies are the most affordable which makes them popular. 


This is your portion of any covered service. After you have met your deductible, you will still likely have a co-payment for most services. 


This is the listing of the drugs available to those who have a particular health insurance plan. The drugs are usually listed in tiers by how much you need to pay for a month’s supply. Both generic and brand-name drugs may be included. If you take prescription medication, it is important to make sure your particular drug is on the list. 

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