Can Renters Benefits From a Home Security System?

Renters who live in Baton Rouge, LA face many of the same risks as homeowners when it comes to theft and vandalism. The agents at Insurance & Financial Services Inc. are able to help them lower their risk of being a victim. Many people believe that home security systems are only for homeowners. That isn’t true. They can benefit renters as well. The size of the apartment or home being rented will determine what type of security system will provide the best protection.

Do It Yourself Home Security Systems

A do-it-yourself home security system is often the best choice for renters who live in apartments. They are easy to install and can be monitored through a downloadable app on your smartphone. Most are battery-operated so there is no need to splice the devices into your apartment’s wiring. Systems often come with window/door sensors, a motion sensor, and a programmable keypad. You can also buy video cameras.

Interactive Video Surveillance

Indoor video cameras and video doorbells are now equipped with two-way voice communication that allows you to interact with whoever is in close proximity to the camera. You can speak with family members or visitors from almost anywhere using the app.

At Insurance & Financial Services Inc., the agents know the peace of mind a home security system can provide to their clients. If you live in or near Baton Rouge, LA, call and schedule an appointment with one of their agents. They can discuss your renters’ policy and work with you to find the right home security system to meet your needs. Get the answers you need! Call today!